Image by Dhiva Krishna

Southern's Premium detail

Southern's premium detail, our top-end service, the daddy! This is our most comprehensive top to bottom, inside and out valet including a hand polish, paint protection, a deep interior clean taking care of the fabrics and carpets with stain removal, etc leaving no stone unturned! A true treat for any car enthusiast wanting to return their car to mint condition.

Prices from --- £160.00 medium car --- £175.00 large car --- £210 MPV/4x4 --- £POA 7 Seater / Van, etc.


  • Car pre-rinsed to remove any light dirt etc.

  • Wheels deep cleaned removing brake dust and fall out (iron deposits) using non-acidic cleaners (Pro Kleen Dragons blood) and soft brushes. 

  • Inner wheel arches jet washed ensuring any built-up dirt is removed.

  • Car deep soaked in either Yum foam or Bilt Hamber snow foam to break down any road grime, tree sap, bird mess, bugs, etc. An essential stage of our safe wash process.

  • Soft detailing brushes and APC (Surfex HD) used on window rubbers, fuel filler, and intricate areas for extra dirt removal.

  • Bodywork hand washed using the two bucket method, grit guards, soft microfibre mitts, and Bilt Hamber or Yum wash shampoo to ensure a wonderfully soft and thorough clean.

  • The door and boot shuts cleaned, shampooed and dried.

  • The vehicle is then gently dried using new microfibre plush drying towels.

  • Fall out remover applied to paintwork to decontaminate and remove iron deposits.

  • The lower half of the car is treated with Autosmart Tardis tar remover.

  • Final rinse and dry.


  • Car carefully hand-polished using a choice of premium polishes (3m, Auto Finesse, Autoglym, Menzerna) and fresh microfibre cloths leaving the paint glossy and vibrant. Please note this will only enhance the gloss and add a basic layer of protection. It will not tackle deeper scratches or marks to the paint, especially on darker cars. Please discuss anything with our team before any work commences and we will be happy to offer a solution.

  • A choice of ceramic sealants or waxes (Gtechniq V2, Meguires hybrid ceramic wax, EZ ceramic wax, etc) is applied depending on the vehicle's paintwork type.

  • Tires dressed using long-lasting Autosmart Highline tire shine (if requested).

  • Plastic bumpers, side trims, mirrors, etc dressed with either Yum dress, Autosmart etc.

  • Windows cleaned with Yum glass or Valet Pro glass cleaner for a streak-free finish.


  • Floor mats (if fitted) removed, carpets, seats, boot floor all extensively vacuumed removing as much dirt as possible, removing any rubbish, etc. Mats then cleaned and brushed before being refitted.

  • Interior plastics cleaned with Surfex HD APC and dressed (dashboard, center console, door cards, etc). using various high-end products from Auto Finesse, Yum, Autosmart etc.

  • Seats and footwell carpets shampooed with Dirtbusters or Valet Pro removing stains and odors. 

  • Leather seats thoroughly cleaned using special formula cleaners from Koch chemi, Auto Finesse, Bilt Hamber, etc, and soft agitating brushes.

  • Door cards cleaned thoroughly and dressed in Yum interior or Dress, Autosmart plastic dressing, Auto Finesse interior, etc.

  • Intricate areas, vents, cleaned and dusted using soft detailing brushes, APC, and microfibres.

  • Under and down the side of the seats vacuumed with crevis tools etc leaving no stone unturned!

  • Vanity mirrors cleaned.

  • Seat rails dusted.

  • Door shuts wiped clean with Detailer from Yum, Autoglym etc.

  • Roof liner gently wiped down with APC.

  • Steering wheel and all touchpoints cleaned with Surfex HD APC.

  • Sun visors cleaned.

  • Pedals cleaned.

  • Door sills and plastic moldings cleaned and dressed.

  • Footrests cleaned and dressed.

  • Door rubbers cleaned.

  • Glass cleaned with Yum glass, Valet pro etc.

  • Choice of interior scent.


  • Choice of interior scent (if requested). We carry a choice of over 10 different ones so choose your favorite or let us surprise you!

  • Screenwash topped up. Strength depends on current weather conditions.


  • Scratch removal using machine (includes polishing and protection) £35.00 per panel.

  • Fuso coat luxury 12-month wax coating £55.00

  • Leather protected £20.00 (can be steam cleaned and protected £30.00)

  • Antibacterial steam cleaning on the interior (fabric stains, steering wheel, vents, chewing gum, etc) using Karcher steamer £35.00.

  • Engine bay steam cleaned & plastics dressed £30.00 (20 mins)

  • Car clay barred to remove paint contamination £35.00*

  • Pyramid / Gtechniq etc ceramic coating up to 2yr protection £195.00**

  • Pyramid ceramic coating up to 5yr protection £260.00**​


For particularly soiled vehicles (pet hairs/sand etc) we would need to factor in some additional time needed to achieve the best results. Additional charges will apply and will be discussed prior to any work taking place.

** We can apply ceramic coatings to clean paint surfaces however we do recommend for the maximum benefit the paintwork is clean and decontaminated with clay* and cleaners and then polished to remove any marks, scratches, etc either by machine or hand if possible.