Southern's paintwork protection stage 1
Price from £280.00 (add £65.00 for the Pyramid 5 year protect)

This service is aimed at anyone who wants to just simply protect their car's paintwork without wanting machine polishing and paint correction.

We would normally advise that you get the paintwork fully inspected and corrected (if required) before applying any ceramic coatings to ensure the very best results from these products.


  • Car pre-rinsed to remove any light dirt etc.

  • Wheels deep cleaned removing brake dust using non-acidic cleaners and soft brushes. 

  • Inner wheel arches jet washed ensuring any built-up dirt is removed.

  • Car pre-washed in either citrus or Bilt Hamber snow foam to break down any road grime, tree sap, bird mess, bugs, etc.

  • Soft detailing brushes and APC (Surfex HD) are used on window rubbers, fuel filler, and intricate areas for extra dirt removal.

  • Bodywork hand washed using the two bucket method, soft microfibre mitts, and Bilt Hamber luxury car shampoo to ensure a wonderfully soft and thorough clean.

  • The door and boot shuts cleaned.

  • The vehicle is then gently dried using new microfibre towels.

  • Fall out remover applied to paintwork to decontaminate.

  • The lower half of the car is treated with Autosmart Tardis tar remover.

  • Final rinse and dry.


  • We recommend either Pyramid premium ceramic coatings or Getchniq crystal serum etc which both offer a min of 2 years protection. This will be applied to the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • We can also offer a 5 year Pyramid protection kit for an additional £80.00