Image by Dhiva Krishna

Southern's interior detail

Southern's interior detail is a good thorough clean concentrating on reviving the inside of the car to return it to be a pleasant place to be once more. This is the place we all spend our time in so we ensure everything is feeling and smelling fresh.

Prices from --- £85.00 medium car --- £100.00 large car --- £130 MPV/4x4 --- £POA 7 Seater / Van, etc.


  • Floor mats (if fitted) removed, carpets, seats, boot floor all extensively vacuumed removing as much dirt as possible, removing any rubbish, etc. Mats are then cleaned and brushed before being refitted.

  • Interior plastics cleaned with Surfex HD APC and dressed (dashboard, center console, door cards, etc). using various high-end products from Auto Finesse, Yum, Autosmart, etc.

  • Seats and footwell carpets shampooed with Dirtbusters or Valet Pro removing stains and odors. 

  • Leather seats are thoroughly cleaned using special formula cleaners from Koch chemi, Auto Finesse, Bilt Hamber, etc, and soft agitating brushes.

  • Door cards cleaned thoroughly and dressed in Yum interior or Dress, Autosmart plastic dressing, Auto Finesse interior, etc.

  • Intricate areas, vents, cleaned and dusted using soft detailing brushes, APC, and microfibres.

  • Under and down the side of the seats vacuumed with crevis tools etc leaving no stone unturned!

  • Vanity mirrors cleaned.

  • Seat rails dusted.

  • The door shuts are wiped clean with Detailer from Yum, Autoglym, etc.

  • Roof liner gently wiped down with APC.

  • Steering wheel and all touchpoints cleaned with Surfex HD APC.

  • Sun visors cleaned.

  • Pedals cleaned.

  • Door sills and plastic moldings are cleaned and dressed.

  • Footrests cleaned and dressed.

  • Door rubbers cleaned.

  • Glass cleaned with Yum glass, Valet pro, etc.

  • Choice of interior scent.

    We will need to factor in additional time/cost for particularly soiled vehicles that contain pet hairs however we will endeavor to do our absolute best.

    Each interior will be different so we take each one on a case-by-case basis.