Southern's paintwork correction stage 2
Price from £400 medium car please call or email for instant quote.

This service will be for vehicles that need more focused paint correction removing 80-90% of swirls and marks as a result of poor maintenance and environmental impact etc.

This includes a two-stage machine polish needing more pads, more products, and a final refinement stage which should have the vehicle's paintwork back to a glossy finish before the coatings are applied. This service usually takes our team most of the day to carry out.


  • Car pre-rinsed to remove any light dirt etc.

  • Wheels deep cleaned removing brake dust using non-acidic cleaners and soft brushes. 

  • Inner wheel arches jet washed ensuring any built-up dirt is removed.

  • Car pre-washed in either citrus or Bilt Hamber snow foam to break down any road grime, tree sap, bird mess, bugs, etc.

  • Soft detailing brushes and APC (Surfex HD) are used on window rubbers, fuel filler, and intricate areas for the extra dirt removal.

  • Bodywork hand washed using the two bucket method, soft microfibre mitts, and Bilt Hamber luxury car shampoo to ensure a wonderfully soft and thorough clean.

  • The door and boot shuts cleaned.

  • The vehicle is then gently dried using new microfibre towels.

  • Fall out remover applied to paintwork to decontaminate.

  • The lower half of the car is treated with Autosmart Tardis tar remover.

  • Bodywork rinsed off.

  • Car clay barred to remove any remaining contamination

  • Final rinse and dry.


  • Delicate areas masked off with protection tape.

  • First stage machine polish using suitable cutting products and pads, etc to remove scratches and swirls and inspection lamp checked throughout the entire process to ensure consistency. 

  • Second finer stage machine polish to refine the paint down to a high gloss finish again with new pads and suitable premium polishes.


  • The paint is then sealed with either wax or spray sealants to lock in the gloss and refined paint.

  • Ceramic coating can be applied at this stage, please see our protection menu for details.