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Paint correction

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Paint correction is, in itself, a separate process. Most people consider swirl marks, marring, and imperfections in a vehicle’s paintwork to be fairly normal and acceptable.

These imperfections are, of course, introduced throughout a vehicle’s life due to everyday wear and tear, environmental fallout, and poor washing techniques. Even a brand new car is likely to have swirl marks in the paintwork to some degree. However, this is not how the vehicle left the factory! Paint correction is a process whereby any imperfections are removed through a series of machine polishing stages, thus dramatically improving the paintwork’s gloss.

We provide machine polishing and various levels of correction work using suitable compounds and polishes usually achieving 80-90% paint remedial results in either 1 or 2 stages (paintwork and condition depending)

The car is initially thoroughly cleaned and the paintwork decontaminated to strip back everything leaving the bare paint (clear coat) to get to work on.

After the paint correction is carried out we will use a choice of waxes or sealants to lock in the gloss and refined paintwork or for the ultimate protection, ceramic coatings (see our protection menu)

Due to the nature of this service, we normally like to carry this out in our own controlled environment IE a mobile carport where we can ensure the car is undercover and protected from the sun & environment. We bring this with us and will need access to power and space to do it. If the weather is optimal (overcast, dry, and mild) we can do it outside.